Pre - sale of GEA tokens has ended

Establishing crypto liquidity

  The World's first blockchain option for gold mining 

ICO will start in:

  • Based on real production
  • Option to become co-owner of the company
  • Fully stable blockchain product
  • Unique team experience

What is GOLDEA


2015 - 2017

  • Resource exploration
  • Team building
  • Comparative analyses
  • Identifying key contractors

Q2 2017

  • Blockchain idea 
  • Whitepaper development
  • ICO consulting

September 2017

  • Pre-ICO crowdfunding

October 2017

  • Development of smart contracts
  • Marketing campaign
  • Jurisdiction setup

November 2017

  • ICO crowdfunding

December 2017

  • Token distribution
  • Listing token on cryptoexchange
  • Token buyback from the early birds

Q1 2018

  • Infrastructure works
  • Gold plant instalation
  • Swiss gold refinery contract

Q3 2018

  • Gold exploitation

Q4 2018

  • Token buyback from the market (optional)

Q1 2019

  • Development of new exploitation block

Q3 2019

  • New block final preparation works

Q1 2020

  • Expansion of exploitation capacities 

How it works?


Located in Republic of Mali, the 3rd largest gold producer country  in  Africa and within the well-known geological setting. The property clearly demonstrates a gold reserves which justify sustainable expansion potential on the long-term basis

 In neighbourhood of one of the largest operating gold mines in West Africa


Investors contribute to the project by purchasing GOLDEA tokens, securely stored on Ethereum platform, which represent blockchain options for 1 gram of gold exploited. Upon finished ICO the tokens can be bought or sold on the crypto exchange

Early investors benefit from the presale bonuses


After completion of the fundraising all investors can obtain return of the funds at any stage of the project implementation with at least same value they bought the tokens


The funds raised will be used for construction of the gold mine plant, purchase of the mining equipment and conducting all other neccessary works 

Modular technology enables expansion of the plant at any stage of  mining operations 


The exploitation will start no later than 8 months after the end of fundraising stage. The profit generated from gold sales will be immediatelly utilized for expansion of the mining operations

Funds already invested in development works


The company will start systematically buy back of GOLDEA tokens no later than 3 months upon commencement of the exploitation, in minimum amount as $500,000 per month

The investors will also have possibility to obtain physical gold in exchange of the tokens

ICO Structure

Token Distribution









ICO Distribution


Gold Plant


Heavy Duty Machinery




Operation Costs


Drasko Jocic

Founder and CEO

• Actively works with international developers in West Africa for last 5 years. 

• Developed two gold mines with anual gold output +50,000 Au ounces. 

• Speaks 4 languages

Dr. Uros Herlec

Main Geologist

• Expert with 27 years in field experience with focus on Africa.

• Advised mines completed IPO's after 2 years. 

• Professor in University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Ing. Vital Dittrich

Mine Engineer

• Launched 20+ mines worldwide with totall capacity 18,000 tones per hour. 

• Ex-senior engineer of tier 1 gold mining companies Alrosa Russia, Anglo Gold Ghana. 

• Low-cost modular mining technology. 

Anthony Ashley

Chief of Mining Operations

• 15+ years active work in Africa for international companies. 

• Executed expansion of mining operations for 3 gold mines in agregate value 1,200 tones per hour. 

• Ex-COO of Mineral Invest International 

Vyacheslav Permyakov 

Crypto Trader & Analyst

• Experienced tech entrepreneur. 

• Contributed to several succesfull ICO's 

Dmitry Lukin 

Head of Marketing

• Оne million online users for 2 months

Alexandr Grebennikov

Financial Analyst

• 20 years experience of business planing . Gazprom, RZD, MTS 

Dmitry Tarabrin

Legal Analyst

• 9 years in financial law sector. MTS Bank, Mosvodokanalbank, SDM-Bank

Tatevik Alexanyan 

Account Manager

• Help you to acquire tokens during ICO

Maksim Haritonov

CEO of Haritonov Capital

• Main investor of the project. Strategic development adviser

Smart Contract (DApps)

Experienced team of developers

• Solidity

• Truffle 

• Blockchain 

• ERC20


Artur Lipatov


• Head of Block Laboratory Technology,, more than 20 ICO projects around the world

• Co-founder of projects: , криптовалюта.рф, 

• CEO founder:, вкриптовалюте.рф,

• The partner of the and project.

• The founder of the channels in Telegram: @ ethereum24, @btc_chanell, @ico_pre

ICO Details


GEA (Goldea)

Total issue

3,000,000 tokens

ICO duration

Pre-ICO:  September – October, 2017

ICO: November – December, 2017

Token value

6$ per 1 GEA token during pre-ICO

15$  per 1 GEA during ICO

What represents GEA token

1 GEA token confirms ownership of 1 gram of gold exploited


Any unallocated token will be cancelled through smart contract and new tokens will not be issued

Token access

All tokens issued and sold can be stored in the investor’s account on the ICO website or sent to wallet of investor upon the end of ICO. GEA token access will be possible through Ethereum wallet with ERC20 standard

Token trading

We will integrate GEA tokens on cryptocurrency exchange one month after the end of ICO



September 18. Moscow. Conference "ICO and pre ICO. Experience from real projects: mistakes, secrets, advice"

The presentation of ICO projects. The GOLDEA project scored the highest number of votes among 15 projects at the ICO stage and pre-ICO by results of anonymous voting among delegates.

20 September. Moscow. Conference "ICO event Moscow 2017"

The founder of the project GOLDEA - Drasko Jocic - and the main investor of the project - Maxim Kharitonov - HARITONOV CAPITAL visited this conference. On the sidelines an agreement was reached on cooperation with the co-founder of the GOLDMINT project - Evgeny Volfman.


ММDC "Мoscow City", Moscow, Presnenskaya naberezhnaya 12, Bashnya "Federation-East"